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Christmas Wardrobe Guide 2023

'Tis the season to dress up in style, and we've got you covered with two stunning Christmas sets that will make you the star of the holiday sessions! Whether you want to go all-out glamorous or keep it cozy with some pajama fun, your first step is to choose a color palette, and I've put together a few options that will go great with this year's setups. All Items available at Amazon.

Set 1: Crimson Red - Versatile Elegance

Crimson red is the color of love, passion, and, of course, Christmas! This vibrant hue is incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down to suit your mood.

• Red and navy blue are an ideal choice for family photos due to their harmonious contrast. This combination not only looks visually appealing but also represents the unity and enduring bonds within the family, making it a perfect choice for capturing those cherished moments in photographs.

• Is there a more iconic combination than red and green? (Certainly not!) Maintain an elegant ambiance by embracing deeper tones of these two hues, like rich wine red and deep forest green.

Together, these colors create a harmonious and balanced palette that evokes a sense of tradition, joy, and hope.

• Creams and browns offer a casual yet chic aesthetic that's perfect for creating effortlessly stylish photos. This combination lends a natural and understated elegance to your look, making it easy to achieve that relaxed, yet fashionable vibe.

Set 2: Gold Ornaments - A Perfect Match for Black or Dark Green

Gold ornaments are synonymous with holiday glamour, and they beautifully complement black or dark green outfits. Here's how to make the most of this stunning combination:

• Black Elegance: Opt for a black dress or suit to create a sleek and sophisticated look. Add gold accessories like statement earrings or a metallic clutch for a touch of sparkle.

• Dark Green Delight: Dark green is a rich and luxurious color that perfectly complements gold ornaments. Choose a dark green dress or velvet blazer and pair it with gold jewelry for a regal and festive look.

You can also incorporate the elegance of gold into your pajama attire. Gold-accented pajamas will add a touch of holiday glamour to your cozy evenings by the fire.

Now, for a clever twist on your Christmas wardrobe, consider selecting a single outfit that seamlessly combines both sets.

Remember, the key to nailing your Christmas session outfits is confidence and comfort. Choose what makes you feel your best, whether it's dressing up or keeping it cozy.

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