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Capturing Milestones: Newborn vs. 3-Month Baby Photo Sessions – What's the Difference?

When it comes to choosing between a newborn session and a 3-month milestone photo session for your baby, there are some important differences to consider:

Timing and Age:

  • Newborn Session: This type of session is ideally scheduled within the first 10 to 12 days after your baby's birth. It's during this time that newborns are typically at their sleepiest and most flexible, allowing us to capture those classic, adorable sleeping poses.

  • 3-Month Milestone Session: The 3-month milestone session is scheduled around your baby's third month of life. By this time, your baby is becoming more awake, alert, and interactive. This session is all about capturing your baby's emerging personality and their ability to lift and hold their head up.

Baby's State:

  • Newborn Session: During a newborn session, we aim to photograph your baby while they are sleeping. This is because sleeping babies are more cooperative and it's easier to achieve those cute, curled-up poses. It also creates a serene and dreamy atmosphere in the photos.

  • 3-Month Milestone Session: In contrast, the 3-month milestone session is typically done with your baby awake. This allows us to capture their expressions, smiles, and interactions with their surroundings, as they are becoming more alert and engaging.

Style and Focus:

  • Newborn Session: Newborn sessions often focus on creating artistic and posed shots using props, wraps, and accessories. The emphasis is on the baby's tiny features and the overall look is timeless and serene.

  • 3-Month Milestone Session: 3-month milestone sessions aim to document your baby's early developmental milestones and personality. We'll capture their ability to hold their head up, make eye contact, and their early expressions in a more natural and candid style.

Both types of sessions have their unique charm and significance. Your choice should depend on what moments and style you want to capture. If you're looking for those iconic, sleeping newborn poses, a newborn session is the way to go. However, if you want to capture your baby's growing awareness and personality, a 3-month milestone session is the perfect choice. Feel free to ask any questions or share your preferences so we can create the perfect session tailored to your needs and desires.


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