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Let’s start with the beauty side of things. For long-haired animals, they should be properly groomed before the shoot. If this is not possible, consider having them simply brushed. Got boogies? Wipe them away from their eyes.


I generally provide snacks. However, if your animal has special dietary needs or allergies, consider bringing a small bag for them. Treats and even noises makers will keep them focused and attentive. Have them come a little hungry to give them motivation. They generally pay better attention when there is food involved.


On the day of the session, make sure to give them the right amount of exercise to help release nerves and energy. You know your animal best, so please exercise them enough to relieve any over-excitement, but be careful not to exhaust them completely.


Bring a leash and collar. If we are outdoors, it is better to safe than sorry. If your pet can be controlled without it once we get to the location, we can then remove it.


If you plan on being in the photo shoot, plan your outfit ahead of time. I recommend wearing something flexible and comfortable. You will be moving around, on the ground, and having

fun after all!


I'm excited  about our upcoming photo session. Can wait to create some amazing and memorable images of your furry friend!

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