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Pembroke Pines Baby headshots
Baby Headshots Miami
Baby Headshots Miami
miami children headshotphotographer

The session takes approximate one hour to an hour and a half.  For 2 kids, the session may last up to 2 1/2 hours.  I suggest you to plan your entire day around the shoot. What your kids eat and what you have planned for that day will ultimately affect their photo shoot. Please try to arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to the session schedule time so the kids have enough time to change into their clothes and make any hair touch ups. Any delays could make the session short.


Important: For children under two, please be sure to schedule the session around nap time.

Please bring at least one solid color onesie, preferably in a darker color. (no white, black or pastels)


Following you will find some tips and recommendations  to keep in mind prior to your session:


AVOID Sun exposure for 1-2 days prior to photo session.


WA R D R O B E : 

• For actor headshots it is important to keep the viewer’s attention on the face. Solid darker colors can help keep the focus on the face. Jean Jackets are awesome to add and extra layer in top of the following colors:


• Avoid pastels for studio headshots.

• No large logos or busy patterns.

• No jewelry.

• Make sure clothing is wrinkle free.

• For modeling portfolio/comp card sessions, make sure to bring complete outfits - head to toe looks.



• Too much foundation or powder will not look good and is impossible to retouch well. Make-up should have a natural, fresh look. 

• It is okay to conceal blemishes, but don’t worry about them too much since they are easily removed during photo retouching. 

• Mascara  is fine - but no heavy liner.

• No colored eyeshadow. Colors should be neutral tones. 

• Lipstick should match natural lip color. Light gloss is preferred.

• All children and teens should apply some chapstick or lip moisturizer so lips do not look dry.


IMPORTANT: Clothes must be ironed, stain and wrinkle free. Bring clothes on hangers.


 H A I R : 

• Hair should be clean and dry. 

• Girls with long hair may wear their hair down for some shots and then pulled back or up for some shots. 



Natural or very light color.


If you would like to receive my opinion on the wardrobe you have selected, please feel free to send me photos 3 to 4 days prior to your session.

children headshots miami
Children Headshots
children headshots miami
children headshots miami
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